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"I have been going to Cinco Healthcare for only 4 months and I don't think I could ever choose another Physical Therapy/Chiropractic clinic. Dr. Vasquez and his wife, Carmen, always make me feel welcome and comfortable. They are both very friendly and informative. Dr. Vasquez's always is very concerned with my condition (scoliosis) and always asks how I am feeling and if anything "came up" since my last visit, before anything else. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to internal medicine and treatments. I would and have recommended Cinco Healthcare."

- Christine Bacongallo

"I first went to Dr. Vasquez a couple of years ago on a living social coupon for an adjustment, massage and consultation with the Dr. I have been searching for the right chiropractor. I was so surprised. Not only was he an excellent chiropractor he spoke to me about nutrition. I will never forget his first words to me. He said I am not your typical chiropractor. Eventually he did blood work on me and I found out that i had a lot of food allergies. I got off anti-inflammatories that I had been on the majority of my adult life. I can definitely say Dr. Vasquez has made a big change in my health. I get massages from David at his office and have to say they are the best therapeutic massages I have ever had. I have followed Dr. Vasquez to every location he has been at since I have met him and will tell anyone it is worth the hour plus drive I make at least once a week. Carmen his office manager/wife is just wonderful. She always greets everyone with such friendliness and makes you feel welcome."

- Vonda Holmes

"Dr. Vasquez took me from not walking or bending my surgically repaired knee to walking with confidence in no time. They really are knowledgeable and passionate about the treatment that they perform. Dr. Vasquez is also my Functional Medicine Dr. and he knows his stuff. I am looking for great things from the functional medicine. I strongly encourage anyone that needs rehab to visit Dr. Vasquez. If you are looking to try functional medicine look no further, Dr. Vasquez is your Dr."

- Arron Hughes

"I sustained an injury that caused significant pain to my neck, left shoulder, and arm. Dr. Vasquez patiently aided me by designing a treatment plan to alleviate some of my discomfort; as well as, to help me to continue to care for myself independently. Through their techniques I now experience a better range of motion and pain has been easier to control. I felt encourages after each therapy session; that I would soon experience better days. Dr. Vasquez works diligently to aid my recovery."

- Ms. Jones

"I discovered Cinco Healthcare by word of mouth by a friend of mine about a month ago and was encouraged to try this new form of treatment for my chronic pain. I have been suffering with chronic joint and nerve pain in my neck, shoulders, lower back and hips for about seven years. If you can think of a test or a specialist to see, I have done it. I have seen, and this is no exaggeration, upwards of about 1,000 doctors in my quest for a diagnosis of this mysterious nerve and joint pain that no doctor, surgeon or specialist, has ever been able to explain it or diagnose. Fast forward to a month ago, I meet Dr. Vasquez and I have to admit, I was very skeptical. I'd tried every possible treatment option out there in the past (Acupuncture, physical therapy, medications, yoga, I read the books, etc,.) and I really thought this was going to be another one of those times where it kind of works for a brief period of time, but then there aren't any real substantial long-lasting improvements. I WAS SO WRONG! Not only did I notice relief from my pain (On a pain scale level of 1-10, I walked in at about 7 and left at a 5.) but more importantly, I left with hope. Real hope with a long term, well explained, individualized for me, treatment plan. Within three weeks I had a diagnosis, a treatment plan, and a diet that I'm already beginning to benefit from. Just three weeks! Honestly, I have seen pain specialists before where there entire field is working primarily with patients in extraordinary amounts of pain, but I wasn't treated with level of compassion and care there as I when I am at Cinco Healthcare. I look forward to going to his office and seeing Dr Vasquez not only because he is truly invested in my healthcare and my long term treatment, but because he and his staff do it all simultaneously with an unprecedented amount of compassion that is unfortunately very rare to find. You have saved my life by giving me back my life without pain. It's a slow process, but it's worth it. I can't thank you enough."

- R.K.

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